The consultation I had with Tita was an eye opener and I benefited greatly from her advice and recommendations. I utilize her advice daily and I have seen a great improvement in my health and well-being. Tita is compassionate, professional, knowledgeable and a kindred spirit. Tita’s approach to holistic living is inspiring and I look forward to further sessions with her. – Mounira

I visited Tita because I have been suffering from fatigue. Her kinesiology session was extremely thorough and I feel that she got to the route of my fatigue issue and was able to suggest a solution which so far is proving effective. I would be happy to recommend her – Judith

The bike classes are torture at best – but tonight as I continually pushed on through psychological and physical thresholds, I was struck by how clear and empowering Tita was in guiding us through these stages and I felt compelled to make a point of telling her this at the end of the class.  I was not alone in this opinion – the whole class was unanimous, sincere and vocal. Each participant was bursting with a sense of achievement – and no doubt endorphin euphoria – adamant that we should all write to venue services commending the experience. (It was actually quite funny – and uplifting!)  So thank you.   Tita’s direction of the class was testament to the development and the sense of satisfaction that can be gained from committing your whole self to a task.  We as a group were privileged to be lead by example. -Brooke

She has improved a LOT. More than anything her anxiety, stress levels and mood is greatly improved. Her skin is also getting a lot better. yay! and thank you so much Smile– Susan
I feel really blessed that you have helped me so much. I really appreciate it. – Jo

Thank you so much for your detailed list of recommendations & explanations.  I very much appreciate & value your dedication & commitment. – Paul

Thank you so much for taking the time to look for and pass on these details for me, much appreciated.  I have been taking the drops and the rest of my homework 🙂 You were amazing and opened up a door for me that will hopefully lead to healing and a life full of joy. – Beatrice

Thank you so much for your work and your food plan. I will try to follow it as much as possible. I am doing my “little postural exercise” as much as possible each day, and I feel sometimes that it is good for my back. – Avery

I thought the session with you was fantastic and I only realised when I got to the car how much longer you’d spent on me so thank you very much for that. – Joanne

The plan is going great! I’ve no sugar cravings and finding it quite easy to stick to eating what is on the lists you provided me. – Ben

Keto diet is going great, my sleep has improved, energy levels are better and I’ve stopped losing weight. Very happy with results so far. – Jason

Thank you Titania. The information is most helpful. I would also like to mention that I’m already noticing change so a big thank you for what you’ve already done! I’m most appreciative! – Jennifer