The best exercise any one of us can do is to just MOVE.  Get up, get down, walk, stretch and strengthen the body, and repeat again.  I love the tv series Fat Families, it is extremely motivating and inspirational to see what people are prepared to do for themselves and how it makes them look and feel, here is the first episode: Movement will make you feel better, emotionally, physically and mentally.  Of course, it’s not only that, it makes you look better and increases your self-confidence.  Who wouldn’t want that?

1 hour Personal Training $60

Includes weight bearing exercises-can be body weight or equipment

  1. Learning how to connect, to reprogram your body and brain, it is best to focus on locating and coordinating the muscles slowly and gently, so that the recruitment can occur that also involves the conscious brain.
  2. Learning breathing method, breathing not only strengthens the deep abdominal muscles, it stimulates the internal organs, promotes bowel movement and strengthens urinary tract function.
  3. Learning Movement and alignment correctly to strengthen and fire the right muscles, especially if you already have a strong pattern of tightening hip flexors, shoulders, glutes or/and outer abdominals to do core strengthening.  Learn how to keep the core postural muscles switched on by being aware of your spinal alignment in sitting, standing and walking.
  4. Showing you specific exercises to practice at home or at the gym, it can be done at any time, but the type of movement depends greatly on your own unique body, there are many exercises, many movement patterns and all are beneficial if done correctly with awareness, breathing and alignment.

I look forward to working with you! 🙂