Hi! Kinesiology appointments, Metatron, and Pilates Training are available by appointment, call or text on 0414 342 422.

  • Our home clinic in Goonellabah, NSW.
  • Bay Osteopathy and Wholistic Health, Shop 8/14 Middleton Street, Byron Bay
  • For Remedial Massage appointments call my partner Hugo Ramos on 0422 898 041 and visit https://inmotiontherapy.com.au/ for more info.

1. New Client (Kinesiology or Nutrition)  – 1.5 hour – $90 (home clinic price only)

2. New Client (Metatron)  – 1.5 hour – $145 at Bay Osteopathy and Wholistic Health, Shop 8/14 Middleton Street, Byron Bay

3. Pilates Training – 1 hour – $60 (home clinic price only)

Looking for something extra?

4. Shopping Support – $60 (local area only)

Unsure which products are the healthiest options at the Supermarket? Unsure how to read and make sense of the product labels and their ingredients list?

Includes –

  1. 1hr shopping visit to your local supermarket
  2. Complete and comprehensive guidance on which brands to buy
  3. Education on how to read product labels and ingredient lists and select the healthiest option

5. Home Makeover – $90 (local area only)

Not sure if what you have in your pantry and fridge is healthy or not? Not sure if your home environment is ensuring success? Not sure if your household products are interfering with your success?

Includes –

  1. 1.5 hour
  2. Re-assessment of your pantry & fridge
  3. Assessment of the best options for your home in relation to water filtration, eg. rental, home owner or/and within budget (clean, mineralized water is essential for health)
  4. Re-assessment of household and body cleaning products and possible toxin exposure interfering with health function
  5. Using a multimeter to measure the “dirty” electricity in your home environment. (Earths electrical energy stabilises your body’s bioelectrical system. It’s a surprisingly powerful way to reduce pain and inflammation, sleep better, improve circulation and normalise blood pressure)
  6. Check for mould growth (can have many adverse health effects)
  7. Assess lighting around the home for optimal MELATONIN (hormone) release to negate night-time blue light exposure for sleep improvement
  8. Get suggestions for improvement