Healing the psoas wholistically

There are many authoritative books and articles claiming that the psoas is possibly the most important muscle in the body.  Interestingly every time I do a kinesiology muscle test using the psoas, on anyone, it shows either under facilitation or over facilitation (which is a possible weakness or/and tightness).  Why does this keep happening? What is the psoas? Why the focus on it? How is it related to the adrenals, back pain and menstrual pain? Exploring some of the causes of a tight, short, weak psoas, such as storing of emotions, sitting and standing positions and what can we do to heal it and bring it back to health? Continue reading “Healing the psoas wholistically”


Any movement can strengthen the abdominal core

7387111804_3f4d499085_oStrengthening the core does not really mean doing abdominal exercises!  to strengthen, we need to have resistance, the more resistance, the more weight bearing. Therefore, doing any activity, any variety of movement and any exercise while holding the body in correct alignment will be weight bearing and be resistance for the abdominal core muscles!  Alignment is resistance.  Once you are in alignment, you are ready to move.  Let’s focus on hip alignment. Continue reading “Any movement can strengthen the abdominal core”

Ha Tha, Yin Yang, Duality is Connection

Hatha yoga, in sunskrit ha means sun, tha means moon, the dualism, intertwined, co existing, one dosen’t live without the other. The sun rises, the moon sets, continous, no seperation. Yin is the darkness, the moon, feminine and subconscious, yang is light, the sun, masculine, conscious, opposing forces merging, where one ends the other begins, harmoniously flowing.  The duality is everywhere, our mind and the body, intertwined, the body is yin, the mind is yang, creating the ebb and flow, the rising and setting, the movement and stillness. The ha, tha, the yin, yang. Salute to the sun, salute to the moon. Duality is connection.