Balancing the Wood Element

How do we stay balanced within the wood element?

Wood is the energy of Movement, it is associated with the organs of the Liver and Gall Bladder in Traditional Chinese Medicine, activity, growth and change. Wood has strength and flexibility, it is supple, sensitive yet strong. Continue reading “Balancing the Wood Element”


Do you lose flexibility when strengthening or building muscle?

You lose flexibility when building or strengthening muscles?  I used to believe exactly this, and still people say “my muscles are very tight because I do weight training and don’t stretch”.   These are the factors that bust the myth: Firstly, effectively warming up.  Secondly, doing muscle building exercises in full range. Thirdly, focusing on the eccentric phase of an exercise.  These 3 factors mean that you will not only gain muscle and strength but increase your flexibility while strength training. Continue reading “Do you lose flexibility when strengthening or building muscle?”