Balancing the Metal Element

Metal is the exchange of gases and transmutation of solar and nutritive energy. It is the minerals, crystals and gems of the earth, similar to the air element, it is the breath of life, it is the diamond found in each of us, it is knowing your own self-worth, respecting yourself, giving and receiving acknowledgement. This is where inspiration comes from. Inspiration is breathing in, being open to the new, ideas, air, nourishment and insights. If out of balance, there is rigidity. Continue reading “Balancing the Metal Element”


Balancing the Water Element

Willpower, growth, stamina, destiny, self-fulfillment, determination, resourcefulness, self-sufficiency and the mind penetrating and introspective. If in disharmony there is fear and we withdraw or seek to control of our environment. The highest expression of Water is wisdom, it comes from listening to our innate knowing. Continue reading “Balancing the Water Element”

Balancing the Wood Element

How do we stay balanced within the wood element?

Wood is the energy of Movement, it is associated with the organs of the Liver and Gall Bladder in Traditional Chinese Medicine, activity, growth and change. Wood has strength and flexibility, it is supple, sensitive yet strong. Continue reading “Balancing the Wood Element”

Ha Tha, Yin Yang, Duality is Connection

Hatha yoga, in sunskrit ha means sun, tha means moon, the dualism, intertwined, co existing, one dosen’t live without the other. The sun rises, the moon sets, continous, no seperation. Yin is the darkness, the moon, feminine and subconscious, yang is light, the sun, masculine, conscious, opposing forces merging, where one ends the other begins, harmoniously flowing.  The duality is everywhere, our mind and the body, intertwined, the body is yin, the mind is yang, creating the ebb and flow, the rising and setting, the movement and stillness. The ha, tha, the yin, yang. Salute to the sun, salute to the moon. Duality is connection.