Balancing the Metal Element

Metal is the exchange of gases and transmutation of solar and nutritive energy. It is the minerals, crystals and gems of the earth, similar to the air element, it is the breath of life, it is the diamond found in each of us, it is knowing your own self-worth, respecting yourself, giving and receiving acknowledgement. This is where inspiration comes from. Inspiration is breathing in, being open to the new, ideas, air, nourishment and insights. If out of balance, there is rigidity. Continue reading “Balancing the Metal Element”


Balancing the Water Element

Willpower, growth, stamina, destiny, self-fulfillment, determination, resourcefulness, self-sufficiency and the mind penetrating and introspective. If in disharmony there is fear and we withdraw or seek to control of our environment. The highest expression of Water is wisdom, it comes from listening to our innate knowing. Continue reading “Balancing the Water Element”

Balancing the Wood Element

How do we stay balanced within the wood element?

Wood is the energy of Movement, it is associated with the organs of the Liver and Gall Bladder in Traditional Chinese Medicine, activity, growth and change. Wood has strength and flexibility, it is supple, sensitive yet strong. Continue reading “Balancing the Wood Element”

Fundamental Elements

Our ancestors seemed much more advanced, they understood how nature related with how we live. The ancient cultures had the natural 4 elements as part of their systems of living, fire, earth, air and water, the native American tribes, pagan European, ancient Egypt and the Indian Vedic System.

However, Traditional Chinese Medicine is structured on five not four elements: fire, earth, metal, water and wood. These five elements are the basis of philosophy with practical applications. The principles are used in practices such as acupuncture, feng shui, shiatsu, astrology, chi gong and kinesiology.

If we imagine ourselves standing at the centre of the elements, we are the yin and yang, the feminine and masculine, the sun and the moon, light and the dark, health cannot encompass one aspect only, eg. food. Continue reading “Fundamental Elements”

Is Kinesiology “New Age?”

Within this post I will be embarking on some controversial subjects on what is new age? Is new age many belief systems? Is kinesiology part of the new age? While there are many ways of looking at this subject, I am exploring this with the perspective of my own experiences with “new age” and “kinesiology”. Continue reading “Is Kinesiology “New Age?””

What does energy mean in Holistic Kinesiology?

The word energy in Holistic Kinesiology means ‘subtle energy’ within and around the body, in Chinese acupuncture called qi, and it is called prana in traditional Indian medicine and philosophy.  Holistic Kinesiologists are trained to read the flow of qi through the pulses on the wrists connected to the energy pathways called meridians.  Each of which relates to specific bodily organs, glands or systems and in Kinesiology a further connection has been made between meridians and specific muscles.