GAPS Diet (Gut & Psychology Syndrome)

This is a review of the GAPS (Gut & Psychology Syndrome) Diet.  This diet is for detoxification, digestive complaints, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, food allergies, intolerance’s and inflammation, it is great to pinpoint the intolerance and also heal the gut. Continue reading “GAPS Diet (Gut & Psychology Syndrome)”


Are most diseases caused by pathogens?

Find out how to start healing from pathogenic diseases.  “Pathogen” or “pathos” in greek means suffering or passion, and “genes” means producer of.  Is a pathogen literally a producer of suffering?  A pathogen is commonly referred to as a virus, bacteria or fungus which causes diseases in the host, which in our case, is our body.  But, regardless of the meaning of the word, not all pathogens are harmful for our body, in fact, we live with many thousands of pathogens inside and outside of our body and without them we would not be alive.  However, it has been found that many diseases are associated with different types of pathogens, from cancer to depression, are we at the whim of pathogens? are our bodies, thoughts, feelings and emotions controlled by them our whole life? and if that is so, wouldn’t the best way to treat these diseases be by directly targeting pathogens? Continue reading “Are most diseases caused by pathogens?”

Treating Cancer with Nutritional Medicine

1 in 2 people are now diagnosed with Cancer, it appears as though it is not “if” but “when” we get it.  That in itself should be an eye opener, as not so long ago cancer used to be mainly a star-sign.  The World Health Organisation states that cancer rates will increase at an alarming rate globally due to unhealthy lifestyles.  If unhealthy lifestyles grow cancer, what if cancer can be treated with a healthy lifestyle? Amazingly, this is already being implemented and successfully treating cancer patients.  We have a choice as to treatments.  If you don’t have cancer, let prevention be the cure.

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For the love of water! My experiments

I have purchased a new ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) meter from Milwaukee to measure the amount of hydrogen in various waters, these are my experiments.  In summary, if you see a negative reading it means a lot of hydrogen, a positive reading means no hydrogen, a reading of -200-300 is approximately 1000ppb hydrogen concentration.  A negative reading means there are antioxidants in the water, a positive reading means that the water has oxidizing agents. Antioxidants neutralize chemicals called free radicals in the body. Continue reading “For the love of water! My experiments”

Drinking Hydrogen Water for Diabetes and Fat Loss

Drinking Hydrogen Water has been shown to improve diabetes and induce fat loss,  for more information on what is hydrogen water click here.  On this post you will find research that shows how drinking hydrogen-rich water leads to fat loss and improving diabetes.  Read on… Continue reading “Drinking Hydrogen Water for Diabetes and Fat Loss”

Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) is a measure of Molecular Hydrogen

Hydrogen water shows antioxidant properties and is therapeutic.  Water that contains dissolved molecular hydrogen is one that also shows a negative oxidation reduction potential (ORP).  The ORP is important for determining water quality. A solution with a negative ORP is an antioxidant. Continue reading “Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) is a measure of Molecular Hydrogen”

Buy Hydrogen Water

ECORO International is a Japanese owned company and that is the main place that we get Hydrogen Water Sticks from, they last the longest time out of about 5 different ones we have tested.  Japan is at the forefront in water quality and health due to the Fukushima crisis, therefore, this is not as widely available anywhere else in the world.  In Australia, go to Hydrogen Water Australia to purchase them online.

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Hydrogen H2O – “hydrogen, not oxygen is the fuel of life”

A quote from Albert Szent Gyorgy, a nobel prize winning biochemist, a specialist in this field, he found that oxygen’s counterpart, hydrogen, is the real fuel for our body, counteracting oxidation, It can heal disease states as well as keep the cells young.  The word hydrogen comes from Greek, ‘hudor’ meaning water and ‘gennan’ meaning generate, hydrogen is to generate water!  But, you haven’t heard about this? so how is this even true?  Here it is;
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30 day cleanse challenge – I’m finished

After the half way mark things started changing, and I started to feel amazing! In fact, I have never experienced these kind of feelings, for the first time in my life I didn’t have uncontrollable food cravings, my confidence and belief in myself grew, I feel I look better, my skin is clearer and smoother, my hair is shinier, and my menstruation period has never been this unmemorable. Continue reading “30 day cleanse challenge – I’m finished”

Craving sugar and carbs? gut bacterial imbalances

Our bodies are covered by bacteria inside and out.  We can’t see them, which is good news, but, just like our emotions they can get out of balance. Some will grow larger in population while the others will start diminishing and before you know it, your beneficial bacteria are fighting to survive inside your gut.  Continue reading “Craving sugar and carbs? gut bacterial imbalances”