How to make your pelvis happy

The pelvis offers the spine a firm base of support.  Headings within this post:

  1. What are the causes of pelvic instability and how does it effect our body?
  2. Could that be causing my back, knee, head, neck pain?

  3. What can I do to make my pelvis happy?
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FREE stress tests – biohacking the adrenals

health heal quoteIf you have chronic emotional, physical or mental stress of any kind, then your adrenals are working extra hard pumping cortisol and adrenaline to keep things running in your body.  You could take pathology tests and check for signs and symptoms to adrenal burnout, but you can also do your own bio-hacking with these tests: Continue reading “FREE stress tests – biohacking the adrenals”

Any movement can strengthen the abdominal core

7387111804_3f4d499085_oStrengthening the core does not really mean doing abdominal exercises!  to strengthen, we need to have resistance, the more resistance, the more weight bearing. Therefore, doing any activity, any variety of movement and any exercise while holding the body in correct alignment will be weight bearing and be resistance for the abdominal core muscles!  Alignment is resistance.  Once you are in alignment, you are ready to move.  Let’s focus on hip alignment. Continue reading “Any movement can strengthen the abdominal core”

Tighten your core correctly and stop those stomach crunches

Our core, the muscles of the stomach and back, organs, bones, connective tissues, our intuition, gut feelings, confidence, so much of how we feel and look depends on this area of our body.  We rely on this area for support and strength, digestion, elimination, helping circulation of blood, relaxation and to aid in breathing.  Continue reading “Tighten your core correctly and stop those stomach crunches”

Buteyko, the art of breathing

Mouth breathing? asthma? adrenal fatigue? waking at night? dry mouth? apnea? snoring? feeling tired in the morning? sniffing a lot? taking large breaths prior to talking? got some nasal congestion?

I have recently discovered that sleeping during the night with my mouth taped shut, meaning I only breathe through my nose when I sleep, means that I don’t get up to go to the bathroom to wee, I sleep through the night and I am feeling much more refreshed in the mornings! Why is that? How can this be so simple! Continue reading “Buteyko, the art of breathing”

There is a Connection between Anatomy, Holistic Kinesiology and Being Grounded

Years ago I was never interested in muscles, how they worked, what there purpose was, I struggled to get through anatomy and physiology at University, I failed, then finally passed, and I never became interested even when I spent years as a Personal Trainer, it was the person I was interested in, not their muscles. Many years later, things changed, Continue reading “There is a Connection between Anatomy, Holistic Kinesiology and Being Grounded”