There’s a lot of health related problems due to stomach acid production and/or weakening of the stomach lining, that in turn effects breakdown of proteins, assimilation of the nutrients from the proteins leading to protein deficiencies, low iron counts, B12 deficiencies, fatigue and stress.  I have done some experiments on myself as all my life I have suffered with this issue, firstly at a young age, I had pain in my stomach digesting foods, pain if I didn’t eat, and even got so bad that I was vomiting.  After many exams, the doctor’s decided that they didn’t know what was going on, but that I probably was producing too much hydrochloric acid in my stomach.  So I was given the conventional treatment of taking antacids.  This was helpful in that it stopped me vomiting, presumably, but it might have been only that every time I felt some form of hunger I ate a biscuit.

Let’s go forward 30 years, for a number of years now I have been experimenting with taking hydrocholoric acid and pepsin as a supplement, I have found that within minutes of taking this supplement my stomach is at ease, and it is digesting easily, without discomfort.

If I had too much stomach acid wouldn’t more acid actually make it worse?

Well…likely the doctor’s got it wrong.  So, I presume, it is either that I have not enough stomach acid and/or enzyme production to break down proteins or/and that my stomach lining is weak and/or something else?

I have recently also noticed another thing.  If I don’t have the supplement with me, for example when I eat out, and instead drink some hydrogen water, it also does the same thing, my stomach feels at ease.

This has made me question what is actually taking place, and does it all have to do with hydrogen somehow?

We know from research that pH measures the concentration of hydrogen ions.  Where there is a higher concentration of hydrogen ions, there is a lower pH.  At optimum pH enzymes work best, and we need a range of pH 1-6 in the stomach for digestive enzymes such as pepsin to break down the proteins.  If this is not met, then enzymes cannot do there job.

So does the hydrogen water as it enters my stomach help the enzymes be in their optimal environment?

Also, we know that the key player in acid secretion is a Proton Pump or Hydrogen/Potassium/ATPase, which is also magnesium dependent.  As far as I understand it, after a very lengthy complex process active hydrogen ions are generated which eventually result in gastric juice.

So, does the hydrogen help the proton pump?

At the same time, control of acid secretion is primarily stimulated by Histamine,which is a Hydrogen receptor. That in itself is interesting, could that mean that when I drink the hydrogen water that acid secretion is actually stimulated via Histamine release?

These are just some of my own theories, thoughts and ideas.  However, as I feel the difference straight away from the HCL supplement and from the hydrogen water the same, it would appear that it has something to do with hydrogen itself, or another mechanism perhaps?


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