Metal is the exchange of gases and transmutation of solar and nutritive energy. It is the minerals, crystals and gems of the earth, similar to the air element, it is the breath of life, it is the diamond found in each of us, it is knowing your own self-worth, respecting yourself, giving and receiving acknowledgement. This is where inspiration comes from. Inspiration is breathing in, being open to the new, ideas, air, nourishment and insights. If out of balance, there is rigidity.

Feminine, yin, as metal is extracted from the feminine earth Completion and the beginning of rest Strength, independence, focus, intensity, fluency in speech. Emotion is grief, accepting change and releasing the past.   Expression of grief and finding healing. Lungs and large intestine

The principle organ is lung, we breath in and out, lungs govern energy, it is the fusion of air and food, the role is to sustain and nourish, it is the immune system. It crucial for the vitality of body and mind, if it is impaired, there is tiredness, shortness of breath, sadness and grief, infections, colds and flu.

Breathing lives in the moment, if there is loss or grief, it will disrupt the rhythmic functions of take in and let go. Persistent feelings of grief can result in breathing difficulties, chronic fatigue and a disconnection from our spirit.

The highest expression of metal is value, embodying spirit and recognizing the inter relationship and connectedness of our world, to see the true perspective of our place. The leaf breaths for the plant, it takes in sunlight and carbon dioxide and lets go of oxygen. We also take in sunlight through the skin, but we take in oxygen and let go of carbon dioxide.

Metal is where inspiration comes from. Inspiration is breathing in, being open to the new, ideas, air, nourishment. Water will mean that you become aware of feelings and insight or light the Fire will come into your awareness. Sparks of realisation are manifested through wood. The heart can be helpful to guide you to our good or protect from danger.

Exercise 1 – Write down 5 things you value about others.

Then: look at the list – you will see it is what you value about yourself.  It is your value.

Exercise 2 – Breath Consciously 🙂 find a breathing practice and do it for a few minutes a day.


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