Earth is nature, nurture, nourishment, abundance, the power to absorb and transform, associated with learning, thinking and analysis. Responsible for the transformation of food into energy.

Yin, feminine. Unity, nurture, nourishment Open and receptive.   Stable, practical, reliable, honest relationships Emotion is worry or empathy. Benefit from meditation, nourish physically, emotionally, spiritually. Develop clear boundaries and take care of yourself, honor own sympathetic nature Stomach, pancreas and spleen, digestion

When transformation is in disharmony there is inability to fully transform food and fluids, excessive moisture accumulates in the body, such as bloating, feeling of heaviness. The Spleen houses the intellect, responsible for thinking, concentrating, studying and memorizing. It is the spleen that absorbs and analysis ideas and information, just as it does in the body, it does in the mind. If the spleen is deficient, concentration is impaired and also thinking, if there is bloating in the body, there is over thinking on the intellectual level and forgetfulness.

The earth is about caring and support, if out of balance there may be overprotective attitude, such as worry, putting others needs before their own, needing other people to be happy for them to be happy. Unable to nurture themselves. In its highest expression the earth has true intent, not doing something to make others happy, it is putting ourselves first, our heart first.

  1. Define your Boundaries

Exercise: Reach your arms straight out to each side of you, imagine that your fingertips are touching the edges of a lighted bubble that encompasses your private and personal space. Feel how far your personal boundary is from your body, it should be about one arm’s length. Once you can imagine this area all the way around you, all sides, up and down, drop your arms and let them relax. This can be repeated as often as you like, especially if you feel someone has stepped inside your boundary physically, emotionally or mentally.

  1. Food Questionnaire: what can be changed? what can be taken away? what can be added? what am I willing to do first for me? when will I commit to start?

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