Willpower, growth, stamina, destiny, self-fulfillment, determination, resourcefulness, self-sufficiency and the mind penetrating and introspective. If in disharmony there is fear and we withdraw or seek to control of our environment. The highest expression of Water is wisdom, it comes from listening to our innate knowing.

If water is in balance, it will feed the roots, nourish the body, you will feel grounded, If it is weak, if dehydrated or dry, fire may cause inflammation and heat. When your Water Element is in balance, you use your resources of energy, time, contacts, and money wisely, neither hoarding nor squandering that which gives you life.  Water is also the element of stillness and rest, taking time to rest and rejuvenate yourself. It is in the Water element that all great innovations and ideas are birthed.

It is the most yin feminine and most powerful element, it can move around any obstacle and slowly dissolve any mountain without force Career and life journey Receptivity, water attracts, it does not pursue Emotion is fear, succeed by not allowing fear to block full expression of creativity, become fearless Organs: Kidneys and Bladder

Action steps:

  1. Drink WATER

Not all water is equal

Being hydrated is not about getting enough water. It is about getting the right water. Firstly, water needs to be pure. Tap water is not pure water, it contains many contaminants, chlorine, fluoride, and other toxic compounds which is detrimental to our health if consumed on a daily basis.  Purified water is one that has been filtered or rain water.  Some of the common ways to purify water are through distillation, de-ionization, reverse osmosis, carbon filtering and ultraviolet light.  However, pure water is largely used in science, medical and engineering laboratories. For consumption though, pure water is not for long term health, once the water is pure, the water then should be MINERALISED (for absorption), STRUCTURED (for cell resonance) and if possible have the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) lowered by adding MOLECULAR HYDROGEN (for anti-oxidants).

  1. MEDITATE– find one that relaxes you.



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