The Fire element is about radiance, attraction and self-fulfillment.  The Water element is the will and drive, the Wood element is giving direction and the Fire is the felt sense of our desires and what is right for us. The heart (Fire) moves the blood, the liver (Wood) stores it.

Most yang and masculine. Heat, growth, warmth, increased light. Fame and illumination Happiness, joy, vanity, jealousy, disappointment in relationships. In excess it can mean impulsive destructive behavior


Love of self, intimacy, open heart Small intestine and heart.



The heart directs thinking, feeling, memory and imagination, it is the source of self-awareness. When we express with our heart we are spontaneous. It is emotional harmony, intimacy, warmth and tenderness. It is the receiver and giver of emotional warmth. In disharmony we feel hurt, nervous, agitated, over-sensitive, over excited, or get insomnia.

Highest expression of fire is to surrender to the hearts wisdom so that our life becomes an expression of its truth. Fire thrives on activity, new ideas, ventures and change.

Fire is the sun, it is energy, warmth and vitality, the hearts dominant time of the day is 11 am to 1 pm when the sun is at its peak energy. It is creativity, it carries out the ideas from the wood element.

If fire is too strong it can lead to heat and inflammation. Also relates to sexual energy, if the energy of the emotions is not flowing well, there may be congestion in this area such as fire in the pelvic area and inflammation in the sexual organs. In a physical union, we cannot occupy the same space yet our soul or spirit may merge, love is a feeling arising within us, it is emotional fulfillment.

If you are lacking in fire?  restore it physically through the SUNSHINE.  Vitamin D from UVB Exposure…15-20 minutes/day.  Emotionally? Hugs, Kisses and Love.

If you are overpowered by fire? balance it with the Water Element.


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