How do we stay balanced within the wood element?

Wood is the energy of Movement, it is associated with the organs of the Liver and Gall Bladder in Traditional Chinese Medicine, activity, growth and change. Wood has strength and flexibility, it is supple, sensitive yet strong.

In nature it is spring, the bodies’ cycles and rhythms, it is concerned with movement and the harmonious flow of life. The Liver is the planner, the smooth flow of energy, the liver stores the blood in times of rest, and when we become active, its smooth and flows, if we are inactive, the liver will impede the flow and we will get constriction, feeling of stuckness, frustration, headaches, nervous tension.

If not in harmony it can result in excessive flexibility or rigidity, leading to suppression or explosion such as with anger or depression from unexpressed anger or resentment. The highest expression of wood is to look beyond our actions and of others and just to be ourselves, flow without constraint.  Wood imbalance is seen in structures of the limbs, spine and joints. Weak rootedness’, poor flexibility, spinal problems and arthritis.

To be in harmony…

Ground Yourself

Restoring healthy flow to the body. This quietly releases tension, confusion or any emotional upset. Best done in nature and bare feet.


Sit or stand and breath into your belly. Imagine that your gathering warmth and light in your belly and as you breath out, imagine that your breath and light or warmth are moving down through your body. Breath in again and imagine the light moving down into the ground beneath you.

Another way of grounding is creation in any form such as dancing, singing, painting, playing music, expressing yourself through focus and attention is grounding.

How to support grounding? Stretch and Strengthen the body regularly.

How else to support the wood element? do a DETOX especially for the liver and gallbladder

In awareness