Our ancestors seemed much more advanced, they understood how nature related with how we live. The ancient cultures had the natural 4 elements as part of their systems of living, fire, earth, air and water, the native American tribes, pagan European, ancient Egypt and the Indian Vedic System.

However, Traditional Chinese Medicine is structured on five not four elements: fire, earth, metal, water and wood. These five elements are the basis of philosophy with practical applications. The principles are used in practices such as acupuncture, feng shui, shiatsu, astrology, chi gong and kinesiology.

If we imagine ourselves standing at the centre of the elements, we are the yin and yang, the feminine and masculine, the sun and the moon, light and the dark, health cannot encompass one aspect only, eg. food.

Health is about balancing between all the elements, we need to get energy from the sun, we convert the sun’s energy to our own, we need to get fuel from water, to be able to cleanse and re-energise, we also get energy from the air and breath out the energy. Our bodies are recycling energy all the time, we take in energy in all these forms and we give back the enegy recycled, which is then used by another animal, plant or object. We take in air, we breath out air, we take in food, we dispel food, we take in sun, we sweat out heat, we drink water, we wee out water, we move and we lubricate our bodies. It is a constant cycle, our bodies are recycling, renewing.

However, if we are eating a lot of food and never getting sun, we will start becoming deficient, if we only breath air but not at all eat food, we may become deficient (unless your into breatharianism?), if you only get sun, but never eat, you may become malnoursihed (unless you do sun gazing?).  Imagine yourself at the centre, encompassing the elements, these are the fundamental elements.

Our minds are the same, our emotions are the same, we let some things go, we keep some things. When we cannot, we get out of balance. If we eat too much food and not release it, we will put on fat, if we take in too much hurt and grief and not release it, we may become depressed. We are in balance when we have a cycle, we allow grief, we allow happiness, we allow and also let go.

Ancient Chinese five elements started as a calendar where the energies were given the names of the five elements to help farmers plan ahead with the seasons for growing crops. Human relationships and health were of fundamental importance to healers so the five element theory became a fundamental part of traditional healing which is still successfully utilised today.

Over the next 5 weeks I will cover the importance of the fundamental elements of the Traditional Chinese Medicine, Water, Fire, Earth, Metal, Wood.  In Kinesiology we use these elements to help clients with healing, join me to find out how they relate to you and how you can use them to feel balanced in the cycle of the fundamental elements.

Titania works as a Kinesiologist in Lismore, Goonellabah and Byron Bay, NSW.