Within this post I will be embarking on some controversial subjects on what is new age? Is new age many belief systems? Is kinesiology part of the new age? While there are many ways of looking at this subject, I am exploring this with the perspective of my own experiences with “new age” and “kinesiology”.

What is new age?

According to Wikipedia new age is a religious or spiritual movement.  It started in the Western culture, during the late twentieth century.  It is sometimes referred to as spirituality, mind body spirit and mostly as the “New Age Movement”, especially by other religious organisations who view it as part of the occult.  To be even more precise, “New Age” is actually the Age of Aquarius, upon which there appears some disagreement as to when this period starts and/or ends and lots of controversy with it’s relationship to the “New World Order” agenda.  Unlike other religious movements, the New Age does not appear to have any guidelines to follow and no central organisation to join, but actually there are many small ones, as well as books to read, seminars and conventions to attend and similar philosophies to embrace.

The part that is interesting is that there appears to be the same underlying beliefs to embrace for thinkers of the new age.  For example, “don’t judge”, “forgive”, “be peaceful”, “there is only love and fear”, “we are all one”, “everything is fate”, but “if you think it you can be it”, and of course “karma will take care of it”, “just think positive thoughts” and “unconditional love”.  There appear to be more and more spiritual teachers and healers, and if your a seeker, not a healer, you can probably be a healer too.  I’m going to cover some of these beliefs and my journey with them.

Exploring New Age beliefs

“We are one”.

I spent many years thinking “we are one”, and suffered quiet a lot because of these thoughts, I started questioning this theory, for example “if we are one then how can that person torture animals and I suffer for it?  We are one, but he is not part of the “one”? of course I tried to rationalize this theory based on many thoughts, such as he is disconnected from the “one”, he is in the “dark”, cannot see the “light”, etc. but none of these thoughts gave me any resolution, until I heard someone speak of “connection” we are connected, but we are NOT ONE.  In short, this resonated with all my struggles and it appeared to me that I no longer had to fight to understand for example cruelty, in fact I now felt that WE ARE CONNECTED meant that I have a choice, I can connect or disconnect, that is me and that is not me, we are connected, but we are definitely not one and the same.  This dispelled the belief “we are one”.  This brings me to “do not judge”.

“Do not judge”.

Throughout my life I felt I had plenty to “judge” but I had decided that I will not because we are not meant to, I will “forgive” “we are all one” I cannot judge another, as they do not know any better, they are ignorant, oh wait, isn’t that judging, oops.  After some time I realized that every single way I justify what another does, I JUDGE.  But, mainly, I judge that they did me wrong, by judging that they did me wrong, I have already made a judgement.  I finally concluded that I cannot get away from judgement, in fact the more I try to run from it, the more I judge myself for judging.  Could “judgement” be natural?, could judgement be a natural DISCERNMENT? Could it be just a decision to go one way or another, or to choose to talk to someone or not, to choose who to associate with and who not to.  For me it is, I no longer feel the need not to judge, now I judge freely, knowing that my judgement is clearly based on my perceptions of what is right for me.  This dispelled the belief “do not judge”.


I have spent many years trying to forgive all kinds of actions, or non-actions.  However, one day I noticed that I cannot forgive, and in fact, why should I? and why should I even feel bad about not forgiving?   In fact, not only are there probably people out there trying to also forgive me, but all I can really do is ACCEPT, accept that it is how it is, something has occurred, it happened, and instead of trying to get it out of my head, forgive it, and love the “person unconditionally” regardless of their ways, I chose to ACCEPT.  To me acceptance has a very different feeling to forgiveness, with forgiveness, we are choosing to be a “VICTIM”, someone that has to keep giving, but cannot accept, as in for “give” for-giving, acceptance, is the opposite of giving, it is accepting, and allowing it to integrate into your being, acceptance is an inwards action, however, forgiveness appears to be an outwards action.  Forgiving, is projecting outwards, acceptance is projecting inwards. I still don’t forgive, but now I am okay with it, it no longer haunts me.  This dispelled my belief of “forgiving”.

“Unconditional love”.

This tormented me for years, I wanted to love everyone unconditionally, and I wanted everyone to love me unconditionally, but it just never truly worked out that way.  I began my search around this topic.  Who has unconditional love? Mother and baby? Is that unconditional? I found that even that was based on a constant supply of food, hugs and kisses.  These are conditions, in short, I couldn’t find unconditional love, and with that realization I was free, I could finally live with conditional love, now I have conditions for romantic love, there are conditions for my family love, and special pet love conditions.  I no longer search for unconditional love, I have found the beauty of love is in CONDITIONAL LOVE.

“Think positive thoughts”.

This one made me feel guilty for years.  There have been times when my thoughts were so “negative” that I just could not think “positively”, and I tried very hard, I read many affirmations, I listened to positive affirmations through audio over and over again, I sang positive mantras.  But, I still felt bad, in fact, I felt even worse because I just couldn’t understand how after listening to so much “positive” words I still couldn’t think that way.  I still hear people say this often “I just have to think positively”.  Believe me, if it was that easy, everyone would be “just” doing it.  There came a light bulb moment, when it finally dawned on me that this world has both positive and negative, I cannot escape either, and possibly what I view as “negative” another sees as “positive”.  It is my interpretation.  But, mainly I have found that if I keep TRYING to change my thoughts, the more my thoughts will lean towards the opposing thought.  It is then best to LET IT GO, why have “positive” thoughts.  I have found if I spend more time grounding into my body, focusing on looking after my body through nutrition, exercise, breathing, meditations, and actually choosing to spend time with people, doing the things I enjoy, and within environments that nurtures me, then I no longer “have to” think anything, the thought to think positive no longer arises.  I found I had to make changes to “WHAT I DID” not “HOW I THOUGHT” and the “negative” thoughts no longer have such a big impact on me.


There are many beliefs of the “New Age”, and while I have read many books, attended many seminars and conventions, I can say now, I learned a lot, but it made me very confused, the searching and often dis-empowering information led me astray to many bewildered states.  Dis-empowering because I felt I had to think a certain way to be a “good person” and for KARMA, as well as always searching for the next person, seminar or book to give me some answers.  Maybe I already hold the answers? as does everyone else.  Now I believe in empowering myself to do what is best for my body, through educating myself on what is best for my health and APPLYING it.

IS THAT NEW AGE? Wikipedia says SELF HELP is New Age.   However, if you look up “Self Help” in Wikipedia, it is defined as a self guided movement “intellectually”, “economically” or “emotionally”.  INTERESTING? “Self Help” does not include helping yourself  “physically” or even “nutritionally”.

Where does kinesiology fit in?

Kinesiology is often found at new age conventions, new age seminars and even referred to as “new age”, however, I argue that it doesn’t quiet fit it.  If Kinesiology is practiced to it’s full potential, it is self empowering, it is learning to look after yourself, through guidance of what your body tells you.  New age often disempowers through beliefs.  But, with Kinesiology there is a chance to take back that disempowered self and start to look after our body through your body!

Kinesiology is not about forgiveness, learning to love unconditionally, telling you your fortune, healing you with special powers, It is about learning to heal yourself.  That is healing, and that is powerful and that is what works.  It is about having your own power, not being a victim, not letting another tell you what is right for you, how you should live, how you should think and what you should do, but connecting with yourself physically and through the physical connection encompassing your whole being, mind, brain, feelings, thoughts, emotions, sensations and perceptions.


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