I have purchased a new ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) meter from Milwaukee to measure the amount of hydrogen in various waters, these are my experiments.  In summary, if you see a negative reading it means a lot of hydrogen, a positive reading means no hydrogen, a reading of -200-300 is approximately 1000ppb hydrogen concentration.  A negative reading means there are antioxidants in the water, a positive reading means that the water has oxidizing agents. Antioxidants neutralize chemicals called free radicals in the body.

Oxidative stress can occur in our body if an imbalance develops between the production of free radicals and the ability of the body to counteract or detoxify their harmful effects through neutralization by20140828_115438[1] antioxidant.  It is much easier to get antioxidants from water then from food, and because I love water and see it’s value in our health as a priority, I give it my time.  The pictures speak for themselves.

Picture 1.

There are 2 glasses, the one being measured has Sydney tap water.  The reading is positive ORP 198. 😦 won’t be drinking that!



20140828_115526[1]Picture 2.

Ecoro International water using Pureau water as a base (Pureau is pure clean water and it is the best purity I have found that I can buy easily in Sydney). The reading is negative -456 ORP.  Wow!.  I’m drinking that! 🙂






20140828_115643[1]Picture 3.

I measured Pureau Water on its own without hydrogen activation.  Unfortunately it did not meet the criteria and came in at a positive ORP of 183. Not drinking that on its own either! 😦 (pure water does not equal hydrogen water, but it is great because its so clean)







Picture 4.

Here I wanted to see how long the hydrogen would last in the glass, exposed to air.

After 1 hour of being left in the glass, the ORP still measured in at minus -282! That’s great.  Now, I know that I can pour it out and leave it exposed to the air for a few hours and it will still have hydrogen. Drinking that 🙂


More experiments to come…stay tuned!




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