Drinking Hydrogen Water has been shown to improve diabetes and induce fat loss,  for more information on what is hydrogen water click here.  On this post you will find research that shows how drinking hydrogen-rich water leads to fat loss and improving diabetes.  Read on…

In the research, titled Effectiveness of Hydrogen Rich Water on Antioxidant Status of Subjects with Potential Metabolic Syndrome—An Open Label Pilot Study, it was found that drinking hydrogen rich water represents a potentially novel therapeutic and preventive strategy for metabolic syndrome. The portable magnesium stick was a safe, easy and effective method of delivering hydrogen rich water for daily consumption by participants in the study.

In the research, titled Suppressive effects of electrolyzed reduced water on alloxan-induced apoptosis and type 1 diabetes mellitus, the results suggest that electrolyzed reduced water can prevent apoptosis of pancreatic β-cells and the development of symptoms in type 1 diabetes model mice by alleviating the alloxan-derived generation of reactive oxygen species.

In the research, titled Supplementation of hydrogen-rich water improves lipid and glucose metabolism in patients with type 2 diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance, it was found that 4 of 6 patients with Impaired Glucose Intolerance (IGT), intake of hydrogen rich water normalised the oral glucose tolerance test.  The results suggest taht supplementation with hydrogen-rich water may have a beneficial role in insulin resistance.

In the research, titled Hydrogen-rich water inhibits glucose and α,β -dicarbonyl compound-induced reactive oxygen species production in the SHR.Cg-Leprcp/NDmcr rat kidney, it was found that hydrogen-rich water has therapeutic potential for renal dysfunction in patients with type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

In the research, titled Recent Progress Toward Hydrogen Medicine: Potential of Molecular Hydrogen for Preventive and Therapeutic Applications, Since the publication of the first H2 paper in Nature Medicine in 2007, the biological effects of H2 have been confirmed by the publication of more than 38 diseases, physiological states and clinical tests in leading biological/medical journals, and several groups have started clinical examinations. Moreover, H2 shows not only effects against oxidative stress, but also various anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects. H2 regulates various gene expressions and protein-phosphorylations.

In the research, titled Molecular Hydrogen Improves Obesity and Diabetes by Inducing Hepatic FGF21 and Stimulating Energy Metabolism in db/db Mice it was found that H2 stimulated energy metabolism as measured by oxygen consumption. The present results suggest the potential benefit of H2 in improving obesity, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome.

In the research, titled Open-label trial and randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover trial of hydrogen-enriched water for mitochondrial and inflammatory myopathies.  It was found that hydrogen-enriched water improves mitochondrial dysfunction in mitochondrial myopathies (MM) and inflammatory processes in polymyositis/dermatomyositis (PM/DM).
For MORE research studies check out: http://www.molecularhydrogeninstitute.com/studies/.
Metabolic Syndrome are risk factors that can come together in one person when one is overweight or obese.  These can be high blood pressure, insulin resistance, cholesterol abnormalities, and/or type 2 diabetes.
For information on how to start drinking hydrogen-rich water, go to Hydrogen Water Australia.

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