ECORO International is a Japanese owned company and that is the main place that we get Hydrogen Water Sticks from, they last the longest time out of about 5 different ones we have tested.  Japan is at the forefront in water quality and health due to the Fukushima crisis, therefore, this is not as widely available anywhere else in the world.  In Australia, go to Hydrogen Water Australia to purchase them online.

Hydrogen Water Australia gives away a free bottle with your first purchase of hydrogen water sticks.

The hydrogen water sticks are made from a ceramic base and 100% natural minerals inc. Magnesium, Calcium and Zeolites.  From the time you start using the sticks, they should always be immerse in water, it will last 1-1.5 months.

Check out the readings of ORP and Hydrogen with the Hydrogen Water Sticks

Hydrogen DifferenceOn the example to the left, there are 2 glasses, both glasses have been filled with hydrogen water using the water sticks.

The meter used on the right is a Dissolved Hydrogen Portable Meter by TRUSTLEX EMH-1000. The meter used on the left is a Waterproof Hand Held ORP Meter.

For ORP, the bigger the minus reading, the better Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP). Notice the reading on the left is -650, for tap water the reading usually is in the positive.

For Hydrogen, the bigger the reading in the positive, the more hydrogen in the water.  Here the reading is 702.  tap water usually shows 0.

A few notes

If you are using distilled water or reverse osmosis water you need to add minerals such as sea salts to mineralize the water so that the reaction can take place.  We have tested distilled water and reverse osmosis water, they are NOT naturally hydrogenated, in fact, the reading is 0.

Using hydrogen water will mean that the body will start to detoxify, start with one glass per day, then increase over several days to 2 liters per day.

For more information on hydrogenated water and research, check out my post Hydrogen H20 – “hydrogen, not oxygen is the fuel of life”.


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