After the half way mark things started changing, and I started to feel amazing! In fact, I have never experienced these kind of feelings, for the first time in my life I didn’t have uncontrollable food cravings, my confidence and belief in myself grew, I feel I look better, my skin is clearer and smoother, my hair is shinier, and my menstruation period has never been this unmemorable.

I always thought that we women, before menstruation, always crave sugar, chocolate, chips, bread, anything, but just give me food.  I have now discovered that I was wrong. I didn’t even notice my menstruation was coming, until I got it! That has never happened to me during my whole menstruating life.  I had no mood swings or cravings.  During my menstruation, I had very minimal pain.  During my life I have suffered with debilitating pain during my menstruation, at times not able to get out of bed or even talk, vomiting, diarrhea, but none of those signs surfaced this time, not even close.  Although, this happens much less frequently now, the pain has always been a constant and so have premenstrual symptoms, up until now.  What a relief to know that diet can heal!

My mind is much clearer too and I am much more at peace.  What troubles me now is not having this routine, getting up, making shake, eating big meal for lunch, before bed making shake.  The routine has helped me get on track and keep on it.  I gave myself less choices and with those less choices I was able to stick to them.

Cutting out sugar, going low carbohydrates and introducing more fat, vegetables and meat meant that my body was starting to rely on these foods for energy, and during the cleanse whilst at times measuring my ketone levels, I had readings around 0.7 in my blood, that was a definite motivator that I have been on the right track on those days.

What next?

I will endeavor to keep eating similar foods, but introduce more variety of foods, a bigger breakfast such as bacon and eggs and start to also introduce larger portions and varieties of vegetables as well as eating a more variety of saturated fats, such as coconut oil, ghee, goose fat, duck fat, avocado and butter.

I have recently purchased theIts not a diet quote book The Wahls Protocol by Dr Terry Wahl, and feel very motivated to get to a stage where I can follow a version of her Paleo Plus Diet.  If Dr Terry Wahl was able to get out of being wheelchair bound after being diagnosed with MS, the possibilities for how amazing I or anyone else could feel are limitless!  That’s my goal, to feel amazing all the time.


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