13993013827_2e155582e1_oHalf way through my 30 day cleanse. On the upside, my senses have heightened, my body wants to move more, I am feeling a definite sense of achievement and confidence, I am sleeping well, and waking earlier feeling refreshed and I am getting to know my body signs much more intimately.  On the other side, when I have a craving, it is really obvious, I can’t ignore it by eating, but feel it and stay with the craving.  I have body aches, especially around my pelvis and thighs and they are constant.  I’ve had a few pimples, had massive thirst in the first week, headaches, and even some nausea at night after drinking the Perfect 7 Intestinal Cleanser.  This is the end of the second week, two more weeks to go, and right now I believe that the first thing I’ll do after the cleanse is start the morning with a bulletproof coffee.

The first week

The fist week passed with a few interruptions, a few sleepless nights from a new cat hanging around the house, asking for food, making a lot of noise.  This was really draining emotionally and physically, but now, into the second week and the cat is a resident with a name.  Headaches from coffee withdrawals, irritability at things that moved and hunger from not chewing food whenever I felt the need. Went through a few days of massive cravings for a croissant and coffee.  Some days a few hot fried chips would have been great. But kept on track.  Had some peaks in energy and sometimes clarity, especially after some form of aerobic exercise, but these energy highs and lows occur all throughout the day.  I have also noticed my flexibility has increased slightly, which is already sign of less toxicity.  However, my stools were smelling pretty bad and I was even burping a lot in the first few days. These symptoms eased off around day 5 and now no burping, stools feeling smooth and easy.

Hippocrates said “death begins in the colon”.

The Second Week

In the second week I’ve noticed that my body needs more food, I am hungry way too often, especially in the morning, I’ve often added a snack mid morning such as sardines or a raw meal supplement and this has helped immensely to get through until lunchtime.

I look forward to lunchtimes.  That is my favorite part of the day, when I prepare my simple meal, and sit down to eat, I seem to taste more now, maybe because I want to enjoy the only one full meal that I have.  My emotions are also cleansing, and I am feeling a definite release.

My body aches, its constant around my thighs and hips, sometimes my jaw, especially if I stand, the only thing that relieves it is jumping on the trampoline or walking.  It makes me question what I’m holding there that I need not release.  If I focus on my body all the time, I can also release the tension of my muscles, but this is not possible on a 24/7 basis, so I do it only intermittently and keep being aware.

These detox side effects are termed the “healing crisis”.

During a detox some of our normal problem areas become heightened, and since my problem areas are normally centered around the muscles of my legs and hips, it’s especially obvious right now.  These healing crisis symptoms should last up to 2 weeks, could be more, depending on what my body is detoxing from, the details of which I am not sure of myself.

I am addicted to food.  I believe we all are in different ways.  Whether we eat “healthy” or not, we go from one meal to the next, thinking of food constantly, as though our life revolved around food.  But, what if food could revolve around our life?

Its an interesting experience, one that I am learning from on a daily basis.




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