peace-of-mind-349815_1280Emotions tell the truth, whether it is about past traumatic events, physical discomforts or reactions to something external, the emotion may not lead you to the best reaction and outcome, but it will always be true. 

The feelings of emotions may make you hate yourself for whatever reason your mind has believed.  Therefore, emotions are not there to be followed without awareness but welcomed as energy and growth, something to step into consciously.

Emotions are healthy, they are our guide, they signal what we should pay attention to.

For the journey of emotional health the first step is the acceptance of emotions, allowing emotions in as a guide, not to judge them, push them away, block them, swallow them, but allowing this guide to show us how our minds are structured, our repetitive thoughts and beliefs.  If we do not allow emotional flow and release, the energy will build up to explode or stagnate, which can in consequence lead to diseases of the body and mind.

There are ways to unblock repetitive detrimental thoughts.

We have behaviours which we may not want anymore, but our mind plays out habitual emotional reactions. We learned this growing up. We need or needed the behaviour for protection, ironically, we may find that actually trying to get rid of them brings up more fears or hurt. However, we can change that,

    • Firstly, through awareness, becoming an observer of our mind, body, emotions and feelings.
    • Secondly, by exploring belief structures.
    • Thirdly, by channelling emotions purposefully, and
    • Fourthly, by consciously rebuilding new belief structures and attitudes in which we feel safe.

This leads to feelings of self empowerement and a natural emotional flow.

Wholistic Guidance addresses each persons emotional belief systems, attitudes and habitual reactions with the help of kinesiology to restore this balance.


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