I have found that many people, including myself can easily disconnect from what our bodies are trying to tell us.  Yet, our bodies are constantly sending messages to us via our emotions and feelings.

These signals can be physical such as pain, contraction, tightness, stiffness, cramps or digestive disturbances, or emotional such as anger, anxiety, worry, agitation or sadness.

At the same time your body can send you emotional signals of joy, inspiration or bliss and physical signals such as lightness, softness or expansion.

There are many ways that feelings or emotions can be defined using words, but in this case, its the words in the first list that we tend to run from.  Yet, it is embracing both that leads to honesty and clarification, one cannot exist without the other, both hold energy and are in themselves energy at different intensities.

Then, it is also about observing the judge in our mind that tells us that we should be feeling this way, and observing the victim in our mind that says we cannot be that.  Those thoughts that judge one feeling as “bad” or “wrong”, or a feeling as “good” or “right”, these beliefs are what lead us away from observation.  Observation of our thoughts and its limiting beliefs, and observation of our body and it’s finely tuned nature that keeps sending us signals to listen, and to be in that moment.

What we can do…

Listen, with intent to find the answer in each moment, listen to your body.

The practice…

When a feeling comes to you, any feeling, whether you’ve viewed it “good” or “bad” practice focusing on it.  Practice noticing it, pay attention to it, that is what the feeling is asking for, that feeling wants you to pay attention, that is why it keeps nudging at you. 


Go further, allow yourself to stay with the feeling, without judging it or becoming a victim of it, become the observer, view them as energy moving through your body, watch it, embrace the feelings. Be there, fully aware, no distractions, no dissociation, connected to your feelings, emotions and your surroundings.


After some time, you will notice your thoughts again, maybe even about something you don’t want to think about, then, notice your body again, where is the feeling that relates to that thought? focus on the feeling, what is it trying to tell you? Is it telling you to move your body into another position? To stretch? Is it telling you to take longer breaths? Is it telling you to cry? Is it telling you to dance?  Is it telling you to stand up, go for a walk, is it telling you to lie down, relax and meditate?  Go into the feeling…does it change or stay the same? stay with it.  Keep practicing.


Thoughts move back and forward in time, but our bodies don’t, there is only this moment for our body, to be truly in the moment, be in the body. Centre your attention there. You are here now. In the present, in the moment.  That is where the answers lie, you will find them there.


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