30-day-cleanse-products1The Challenge

30 Days without processed sugar, caffeine, dairy (except whey protein), grains, seeds, nuts, fruit, eggs or alcohol. Only one prepared meal a day at lunchtime and two meal replacement shakes for breakfast and dinner. Naturally supplementing with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, probiotics and fiber to help with intestinal cleansing and repairing.

The Purpose

To give my digestive system a break and allow my organs to cleanse and function as best as possible.  Possibly clearing some emotional eating patterns and addictions I currently have, especially during pre-menstrual time. As most people, I also enjoy eating, but I would like to have more control over what I put in my mouth and when.  However, the exact outcome is uncertain as I have never done a 30 day cleanse.

I will be reporting with Blog Updates on my ups and downs.

I was inspired by the 30 day Isogenix cleansing program and the 30 day Dr Shulze’s cleansing program. They are both great successful programs, however, by devising my own I am able to do the cleanse for ½ the price and get products that are organic, contain no added sugar or fillers of any kind. My goal is to eventually progress onto a Ketogenic Diet lifestyle or at least towards a Cyclic Ketogenic Diet, and this will hopefully be a great kick start towards that goal. For more information on a Low Carb lifestyle check out Livin La Vida Low Carb. for more information on Primal lifestyle check out Marks Daily Apple and for Ketogenic lifestyle check out Ketogenic Diet Resources and the Keto Nutrition Blogspot.  These diets promote, amongst other amazing things, weight maintenance, hormonal balance, clarity of thinking, emotional stability and great energy levels.

So here is the plan:

The Grass Fed all Natural Whey Protein is a meal replacement. All other products are Vegan.  As an alternative, the whey protein could be switched to a vegan protein such as pea, hemp or rice.

Day Sample Plan


  1. 1 Tbsp Gelatin Powder mixed with 1 cup of filtered water. (to help strengthen lining of intestinal tract)
  2. 1 Tbsp Whey Protein Powder with 1 cup of coconut milk, filtered water and optional added berries and add 1 Scoop of Superfood Raw. (for the supply of vitamins, minerals and probiotics)
  3. 1 Capsule of Adaptogen Herbal Extracts. (for adrenal support, stress, anxiety or energy balancing issues during the cleanse)

Lunch: Eat a meal with Steamed or Roasted Vegetables and/or Salad, organic when possible, dressing olive oil, apple cider vinegar, with a Serving of Fatty Fish up to 5 times a week or Grass Fed Meat (I have decided to include fresh wild fatty fish due to the Omega-3 benefits, the body cannot produce its own omega-3 fatty acids, which are needed for maintaining blood pressure and prostaglandin function to regulate inflammation, especially intestinal inflammation, as most diseases show signs of inflammation, this may be a great added component as well as for mood enhancement, many studies have shown that intake of Omega-3 is beneficial in cases of depression and anxiety)


  1. 1 Tbsp Whey Protein Powder with 1 cup of coconut milk, filtered water and optional added berries and add 1 Scoop of Superfood Raw.
  2. 1 Capsule of Adaptogen Herbal Extracts.
  3. 1 Capsule of Intestinal Movement Formula (with digestive enzymes to help with the break down of food)
  1. Approximately ½ hour after steps 1-3 take 1 Tsp of Perfect 7 Powder mixed with 1 Cup of filtered water. (to aid in removal of toxins and mucous from the colon)

Snack: Raw Meal food Supplement as extra. (in case of cravings or feelings of hunger, also may use supplements such as Chromium and L-Glutamine to help with cravings as they emerge, especially in relation to sugar, dosage of 500mcg Chromium and 500 mg L-Glutamine)

Exercise: I plan on doing some kind of movement each day of the cleanse, either walking, yoga or pilates, this is to help circulate the lymphatic fluid throughout my body. Part of the exercise plan is to jump on the mini trampoline 5 -10 minutes a day for its many benefits of balancing blood pressure, activating the removal of toxins, enhancing lymphatic circulation, mental concentration and balancing the emotions.  Research on the benefits of jumping on the mini trampoline is numerous.

Products: I only use natural products on my skin, hair and toothpaste containing no parabens or sodium laureth sulfates, as the skin is one of the major elimination organs, this will also help the cleanse without interference with further topical toxins.

Fluid: I intend to drink up to 2 Litres of Mineralised Filtered Water per day and warm herbal tea blends to further help the cleansing process and ease elimination.

Sleep: Intention is to go to bed between 9.30 and 10.00 pm, and get around 8 hours of good quality sleep per night.

Bio-hacking: I intend to check my baseline Heart Rate Variability every day to monitor stress levels, as well as checking glucose blood levels to monitor how my body is responding to the cleanse protocol.

Product Details

1KG_CHOCOLATE_Mi_521499c104658Natural Whey Protein from  Mirrabooka Protein.  Approximately 1.5 kg is require for 1 month supply mixed with organic coconut cream or water.  Ingredients: Australian whey protein concentrate, cacao and stevia.

 Gelatin from Optimoz, as a substitute for bone broth to help in healing gut lining.






All the products below are from iherb.com. They are located in America, however, deliver is really well priced to Australia and quick. They stock great priced products, lots of choice and great quality, some are less than half the price of what it costs here and even better priced then many other competitors in America.   If your interested in any of the products I purchased, check out http://www.iherb.com/?rcode=QNP572 and receive up to $10.00 off your 1st purchase. Coupon Code should already added as part of the link. Or enter QNP572 at checkout.

Paradise Imperial Adaptogen is a True Full Spectrum potent Adaptogen Frontconcentration consisting of the world’s most revered and researched tonic herbs. It is naturally extracted without isolating, fractionizing or using toxic solvents, harsh chemicals or gases to ensure all active and synergistic constituents are present in the balanced ratio nature intended.

An adaptogen is a substance which helps bring the whole body system into a state of harmony and balance by helping it to manage many forms of stress. Our Imperial Adaptogen is designed to support the body’s natural ability to cope with environmental, chemical, physical and emotional imbalances.

Intestinal Movement FormulaIntestinal Movement Formula.  A sluggish bowel breeds toxicity that can adversely affect the health of the entire body. This superior formulation was designed to produce maximum colon cleansing and movement with minimal or no discomfort. Also supports digestion, the immune system, blood sugar, balance and reduction of harmful microbes. Proprietary Herbal Blend Rhubarb Root∞, Peppermint Leaf♦∞ , Whole Leaf Aloe Ferox (Cape Aloe)∞, Nopal Cactus (Opuntia streptacantha)♦∞, Ginger Root♦∞, Wasabi∞, Thyme Leaf♦∞, Oregano Leaf♦∞, Enzymes∞ (Alpha-galactosidase, Amylase, Cellulase, Protease, Lipase, Bromelain, Papain) VeganCaps – Non-GMO Tapioca∞

Perfect 7Perfect 7’s 100% natural premium blend contains key ingredients that work synergistically to promote healthy digestion. It helps to remove toxins and mucous from the colon and digestive system and promotes enhanced nutrient absorption, rejuvenation of the digestive system, and overall good health. Psyllium (seed, husk), Buckthorn (bark), Cascara Sagrada (bark), Alfalfa (leaves), Rosehips (fruit), Lactobacillus Bifidus Powder, Bentonite Clay (Colloidal montmorillonite), Cayenne Pepper (fruit), Garlic (bulb), Golden Seal (root).

Greens Superfood

Organic Superfood is a Certified Organic blend of Green Foods, Superfruits, Sea Vegetables and Probiotic Cultures. One serving delivers more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants then 5 full servings of fresh fruits and vegetables while supplying every color in the Dietary Food Spectrum. Organic Superfood provides more Green Foods per serving than any product of its kind. Supports Whole Body Detoxification, Energy Levels, Immune Function, Healthy Aging, Alkalinity

Raw Meal SupplementRAW Meal is suitable for almost anyone including those on vegetarian or vegan diets, those on low carbohydrate diets or those with gastrointestinal sensitivities to milk, whey or other protein sources. RAW Meal supports healthy weight loss when used in place of a meal as part of a balanced diet plan.

  • Provides the nutrition of a well-balanced, healthy meal
  • Naturally filling, satisfies hungers provides energy
  • Excellent source of raw organic plant based protein (34 g) – including all essential amino acids
  • Excellent source of 20 Vitamin Code vitamins and minerals – Raw Food-Created Nutrients and RAW Food-Chelated Minerals.
  • Excellent source of soluble and insoluble fiber (16 g)
  • Provides live probiotics and enzymes for healthy digestion
  • Made exclusively from Raw, Natural plant based, whole foods – uncooked, untreated, unadulterated
  • Contains 13 RAW organic sprouts, 4 RAW organic cereal grass juices, 5 RAW organic fruits, spirulina and chlorella
  • No Trans Fats
  • Delicious real cacao for real chocolate taste

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