Mouth breathing? asthma? adrenal fatigue? waking at night? dry mouth? apnea? snoring? feeling tired in the morning? sniffing a lot? taking large breaths prior to talking? got some nasal congestion?

I have recently discovered that sleeping during the night with my mouth taped shut, meaning I only breathe through my nose when I sleep, means that I don’t get up to go to the bathroom to wee, I sleep through the night and I am feeling much more refreshed in the mornings! Why is that? How can this be so simple!

Basically, its because we over breathe! That’s right we BREATHE TOO MUCH, and the main cause is MOUTH BREATHING, and the HEALER is NOSE BREATHING!

Mouth taping is part of a method of healing Asthma called the Buteyko Method by Dr Buteyko, to find out more information check out this 30 minute documentary, definitely worth it:

For more information on the what, why, how, where and when, click on The Official Breathing Centre for Buteyko Method

If you are suffering with tiredness and insomnia this is a definite part of the puzzle, try it! Its easy, tape your mouth with some easy to remove tape before you go to sleep and notice the changes yourself!  If you are suffering with Asthma then this method was designed for you, check out the whole program at the official website and get started today to feeling better, breathing better.

Don’t forget though that posture, tight muscles, awareness and emotions also play a role, but that’s for another post.



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