Years ago I was never interested in muscles, how they worked, what there purpose was, I struggled to get through anatomy and physiology at University, I failed, then finally passed, and I never became interested even when I spent years as a Personal Trainer, it was the person I was interested in, not their muscles. Many years later, things changed, I studied Kinesiology, and I dreaded the anatomy component, then as the months and years progressed, it occurred to me I was interested, I saw how muscles related to how I feel, how others feel, I saw the interconnections, how joints affect our health, how I can even tune in and even feel my bones, how every muscle relates to a specific emotion!  By drawing my awareness on my body and how it feels it can deeply change my thoughts and emotions.  The more I learned through Kinesiology about how to position muscles to deactivate or activate them the more I became aware of their value, they all have a purpose, each one, dedicated to the purpose of the whole body!

My journey to grounding into my own body truly began there, with a further realization that I never liked anatomy because I was never grounded and I never truly liked my own anatomy, I was disconnected from my body, from what my muscles, joints and bones were trying to tell me, they pulled, I pulled back, we were always in a fight, and now it has become time to listen, and see the effects unfold.

Now I am learning from my anatomy, they are teaching me to listen, look and feel for each movement, each muscle is a blessing to have, and those that are most tight and neglected are the ones that are my greatest guides, they have a story of anger, disrespect, neglect, and they require some soothing, caressing, love, its time to listen to them, my anatomy and those that I see on other people call me to be aware, take notice.  Without consciously realizing it, I embraced my love for anatomy which I opposed for so many years.

Now all I like to do is learn more, understand this unique beautiful complex mechanism that we are all living with.

Thank you my body, your body and Kinesiology for this gift.


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