After a Kinesiology balance it is normal to experience different changes either physically, emotionally, mentally or energetically within your body, they are a result of the body reorganizing its energy systems and integrating the healing process, usually lasting a few days. Once they settle, you will experience a renewed sense of balance, energy and health. These can be:

  • Feeling light-headed or spacey;
  • Extreme sleepiness;
  • A sense of peace around the issue being worked on;
  • Heightened sensitivity and sensations in your body or sensitivity to external stimuli;
  • Fluctuations in energy levels more than usual;
  • Emotional fluctuations such as relief, release or joy, can be anger, tears or laughter or whatever emotion was being dealt with in the session;
  • Increased dream activity and/or changes in sleep patterns;
  • Feelings of structural changes within the physical body.

Rest, drink plenty of good quality water, go barefoot walking in the grass or the beach and nourish and pamper your body to help the integrative process.

These changes are part of the healing process of recognition and release, if though there is concern or the symptoms do not go after a few days, please contact your practitioner.


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