Should I drink tap water?

What is in tap water? here is the link where you can link to your location and find the breakdown: and click on typical drinking water analysis.  Depending on your knowledge of chemistry, you may be thinking, I don’t understand a word of that, or what is so bad about this? If you would like to find out more information in relation to contaminants such as chlorine, bacteria, pesticides, volatile organic compounds, heavy metals, fluoride, plastic and pharmaceuticals Please refer to the website provides detailed information.

Are you dehydrated?

Most people are dehydrated.  Tea, coffee, juice, alcohol and fizzy drinks are not substitutes for quality water.  Fluids that contain caffeine and alcohol have a diuretic effect and cause the kidneys to further flush some of the bodies water reserves.  Furthermore, for many people the thirst urge is mistaken for hunger, therefore, the urge to drink water is not the best way to monitor your water needs, as by then your body is already dehydrated and thirst perception further diminishes with age.  Dehydration can among other things cause chronic pain, in the gut, back, muscles, joints, headaches and constipation.  Being dehydrated changes your physiology.

The health benefits of water are clearly discussed in the book, Your Body’s Many Cries for WaterYour Body's Many Cries For Water by Dr. F. Batmanghelidj, M.D.

  1. Water generates electrical and magnetic energy inside the body;
  2. Water prevents DNA damage;
  3. Water greatly increases the efficiency of the immune system;
  4. Water is the main solvent of all foods, vitamins, and minerals. It is used in the breakdown of food into smaller particles and their eventual metabolism and assimilation.
  5. Water increases the efficiency of red blood cells in collecting oxygen in the lungs.
  6. Water clears toxic waste from different parts of the body and takes it to the liver and kidneys for disposal.
  7. Water is the main lubricant in the joint spaces and helps prevent arthritis and back pain.
  8. Water is used in the spinal discs to make them “shock-absorbing water cushions”.
  9. Water is the best lubricating laxative and prevents constipation.
  10. Water prevents clogging of arteries in the heart and brain, and helps reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes.
  11. Water gives us power and electrical energy for all brain functions, most particularly thinking.
  12. Water is directly needed for the efficient manufacture of all neurotransmitters, including serotonin.
  13. Water can help prevent attention deficit disorder in children and adults.
  14. Water restores normal sleep rhythms.
  15. Water makes the skin smoother and decreases the effects of aging.
  16. Water decreases premenstrual pain and hot flashes.
  17. Dehydration prevents sex hormone production – one of the primary causes of impotence and loss of libido.
  18. Water reduces the incidence of morning sickness in pregnancy.
  19. Water helps prevent the loss of memory as we age. It helps reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and Lou Gehrig’s disease.
  20. Water helps reverse addictive urges, including those for caffeine, alcohol, and some drugs.

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